Ram Cycles is able to meet all of your motorcycle suspension needs. We work on a variety of bike styles including: Sport Bikes, Cruisers, Touring & Sport Touring, Motard, and Dirt Track/Motocross.

We have the proper tools and experience to work on all types of suspension, ranging  from factory Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, and Harley Davidson to Ohlins, Marzocchi, and Works Performance.

Basic Service

Changing fluids and inspecting all parts (bushings, seals, wipers, o-rings, washers, etc.) for wear and damage. Forks and shocks are completely disassembled using the proper techniques and tools, cleaned, and are reassembled with fresh oil and nitrogen (for shocks). Under average use conditions, we recommend suspension service at regular intervals (at least once a season).

Basically the same as a service, except that all major wear parts are replaced (seals, scrapers, seal heads, bushings, etc.).

Includes everything done during a routine service, plus the reworking of the internal valving system within the fork or shock. On damper rod forks (older style conventional forks), the existing holes in the damper tubes are brazed up and different holes (diameters and locations) are drilled. Depending on the rider and application, cartridge emulators may be added.

Custom Suspension Lowering
Road bikes can usually be lowered about one inch without having adverse effects on the handling, and dirt bikes can be lowered about two inches.

Other General Services
Other general services include wheel bearing replacement, basic welding (steel or aluminum), minor pipe repair, fork tube straightening, limited machine work, shock heim joint replacement, and other services.